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What is "Art-therapy"??

Art-therapy is a non verbal therapy, which uses creation as expression,... not the language. Comments and words can be added afterwards. The creation allows us to express inner pictures, ... emotions ... and experiences. These creations serve as a mirror of conscious and unconscious states of mind. The creator – through his creation – enters in dialog with him-/
herself, with the therapist, and if wanted, with other members of a group.

Art-therapy is a a self experience in a deeper way, ... and is a wonderful method to help to find solutions to problems. It can be used in the work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

I personnally use drawing, painting sculpture, ceramic, assemblage,... and also combine with sounds and movement, if needed.



As I am traveling a lot for the moment, so there are no new dates fixed for next seminaries.
But don't hesitate to contact me in order to organise a workshop or a meeting. I work both with individuals and with groups (of 5 up to 10 persons).

Here are some IDEAS for Self-experience Seminaries:

  • Find confidence through shapes, colours and music
  • Pleasure to play with lines
  • Pleasure to play with colours
  • Night painting
  • The 4 elements (Water, earth, fire and air)
  • Landart
  • but also ART-Seminaries (without self experience) in Drawing, Ceramic, Paper making, Landart ...
Kardamyli / Mani in Greece 1
Kardamyli / Mani in Greece 2

2. Greece / Kardamyli (Mani - Peloponese)

Fantastic site between the ocean and the mountains!!
Seminaries are possible in Luxemburgish, English, French, German and Greek

Possibility of "Creative holidays" (drawing, painting, paper, ceramic and landart ... according to the wishes of the group!!!


TEL. +352 691 994167
email: britt@britt-bernard.lu
Possibility at the Seminarhouse "Sonnenhaus" in Pyrgos (www.mani-sonnenlink.com)